LeatherDining.com Leather bar stools & Counter stools  are a favorite choice of restaurants and hotels
from around the world, made of Genuine Cow Hide Leather with Hardwood construction & High Density
Foam for Commercial & Residential use.
26" or 30"  Leather Bar stool
26" or 30"  Leather Bar stool
24" 26" 30"  Leather Bar stool
RV-315                269.00
RV-0311               239.00
R-054  Black or Brown 198.00
Leather Bar & Counter stool
26" or 30"  Leather Bar stool
RT-0189              $298.00
RV-909                229.00
R-052 T-Patch       149.00
Red Leather Bar / Counter stool
Residential Bar Stools: Many families find that adding a game room to their home is a
wonderful way to create a space that becomes a natural gathering place for family and friends.
Building a bar or purchasing an antique bar is a fun way to anchor a game room. Alternatively,
many people like to have bars in their living rooms, dining rooms or dens.
Bar stools are also fun, comfortable and elegant seating options for kitchen counters and
pass-through style eating areas. We invite you to browse our website to view our full collection
of beautiful leather bar stools and find the perfect one for you. If you have any questions, or
don't see exactly what you are looking for, just give us a call and we'll make sure that we find it
for you.
RV-Leather Stool                  189.00
R-054                   198.00
26" & 30"  Leather Bar stool
RV-012B           $239.00
Top Grain Leather stool
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Textured Off-White Leathe stool
RV-7634                   269.00
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30" & 24" Cream Leather Stools
30" & 26" Backless Leather Stools
SR-59821 w/Metal footrest     249.00
Open Back Red Leather Stool
R-225              $219.00
32" & 27" Backless Leather Stools
RJ-1001 Leather Stool         169.00
RV-8088                   239.00
Roll Back Leather Bar/Counter stool
30" Backless Leather Bar stool
R-565                  189.00
26" & 30" Leather Bar/Counter stool
R-225                   219.00
R-054                   198.00
Cream Leather Bar/Counter stool
Textured Leather Bar stool
RV-7634           $239.00
Cream Leather Bar/Counter stool
SR-36433    298.00
Swivel Leather stool 26" & 30"
R-0230              239.00
Also available in
Red, Black & Brown
also available in White
Top Grain Leather
White Leather Bar/Counter stool
RV-2400    289.00