Black leather dining room chairs & Bar Stools from featuring the all black leather chair & Counter
at discount prices in Canada and the USA, now you can enjoy these Solidly constructed Tall, Black & Handsomely
finished Classy
Leather Chairs & Bar Stools at Wholesale Prices Direct from the Importer, shipped every week all over
America, These Black chairs, fully warranted are made from finest Leather and Hardwood for commercial and residential
use, comparable to any high-end retail
Furniture stores, where they are sold for more than double the price....                   
Classic Black Leather Dining Chair
Beautiful Black Leather Dining Chair
R-009         $179.00
RV-014         $ 219.00
Simple Black Leather Dining Chair
T Patch Black Leather Dining Chair
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Modern Leather Chairs
R-052            $179.00
Black Leather Arm Chair
Simple Black Leather Dining Chair
RV-0185   Now $329.00
RV-0214          $199.oo
Elegant Black Leather Dining Chair
R-020              $169.00
RP-8011              $199.00
R-052              $189.00
R-054              $198.00
RV-012B          $239.00
T-patch Black Leather Bar Stool
Stylish Black Leather Bar Stool
Comfy Black Leather Bar Stool
26" & 30" Backless Leather stool
R-108              $189.00
Accent Stitch Black Leather Dining Chair
R-0306           $198.00
Exquisite  Black Leather Dining Chair
R-009         $179.00
RV-316         $249.00
LowBack Black  Leather Chair
R-5005        $198.00
R-6003        $196.00
LowBack Black  Leather Chair
Backless Black  Leather stool
RV-Stool           $189.00
32" & 27"  Black Leather Stool
RJ-1001           $169.00
On Promo
for $149.00